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FedEx Kinkos Reviews

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    I went into The FedEX Kinkos location in Midwest City, Oklahoma. I simply wanted to get a black and white copy and have that copy laminated. I went to the customer service rep and politely asked him if he can do it. He got really rude with me. I went over to the self service copy area to get a copy. There was a girl at the copy area that needed help. He walk over to her and assisted her. His tone and demeanor was very professional with her. I happen to be in that same area making my copy. I asked for assistance with the self service lamination machine. He haphazardly told me what to do. I... More...
    jcw001's Picture   jcw001    0 Comments   Comments
  • FedEx Kinkos West washington Madison, WI

    Went in for an oversized banner. Provided a file and was told I could see the proof by 5:30 pm the order was placed at 3 pm. Showed and there was no order. Mgr apologized and said come back in an hour. Went back the following morning and the proof was wrong. Asked them to change it and waited for a call that it was done. Came back when they called and the order was wrong. The font was the wrong color. They said they needed to charge an extra $40 to change the font color which they had gotten wrong. 21st century and it cost $40 dollars to change their mistake in a digital file? I don't... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    okachemwe's Picture   okachemwe    0 Comments   Comments
  • FedEx Print Center-St. Charles Illinois--The Customer is ALWAYS Wrong

    It seems that whenever I go to the FedEx Print Center in St. Charles Illinois I get the same story from one particular employee. We can't do that, you should bring something different as the source, we can't do anything in less than 24 hours and all the time he is coughing and spreading his germs on whoever is nearby. So I went down the street to Office Max. No problem sir, yes we can use this original, it will take us about 20 minutes to complete the work if you'd like to wait or come back later--easy, professional , polite, helpful--all the things that FedEx Print IS NOT More...
    mauriecoleman's Picture   mauriecoleman    0 Comments   Comments
  • Photo Printing Service and Product Extremely Poor

    Do not use the FedEx photo services at this store. I ordered two photos to be printed. One photo was to be printed on black backer board; the other was to be printed on canvas and stretched over a wooden frame. After I submitted the order online, I received an email that stated I would get a call confirming my order and discussing details. No phone call, no big deal. Was out running errands. Stopped in the store an hour and a half after submitting order. Guy behind counter says, "I was just about to call you". Okay, cool. When placing order online it did not give me price... More...
    JayG1965's Picture   JayG1965    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rude Employee- GA

    I went to the FedExKinkos store on Panola Road, Decatur, GA on 04/04/2013, and the Employee working was brutally rude. I am surprised that Fedex would hire someone who was not obviously trained with good customer service skills. She arrived 7:45 am 15 minutes late chatting on her cell phone, taking her own sweet time. I went in the store after she opened up, thinking their hour of operation was different for that location, asking her what time do the open. Her reply was, "Isn't it obvious that I am late?" Then I asked her about copying a document from a usb. Her reply was,... More...
    teddybear26's Picture   teddybear26    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fedex Kinkos Rude Employee

    I told an employee that the printer was not in working order and I needed some assistance, especially since I was being charged for the time spent on the computer. He never said a word, helped another customer behind me in line and then walked to the printer. He could not get it to work and asked me if I was printing on "legal sized regular paper". I explained I was "trying to print a normal sized document on normal sized paper" and indicated I wished to use the paper he was holding in his hand for a reference. At this point he told me that he was holding "legal... More...
    longhair12's Picture   longhair12    0 Comments   Comments
  • fedex Not Going Here review

    Let me share my experience, and feel better about it. I have stifled my opinions for too long. Now I am going to find my voice. I went to one kinkos in Warm Springs, Fremont, CA, there, I got a bad vibe more than once from this one representative and I was not imagining or assuming it, because his way of talking to me was also rude and I just asked to talk to his supervisor. I am suspecting racism, and I am not surprised in the sh society here which I was born and brought up in. Turn the page, today, I went to kinkos in Mowry to avoid that rude guy. A dumb person who cannot open his... More...
    tarana222's Picture   tarana222    2 Comments   Comments
  • Copy machines out of service, Clueless employee

    Fedex Kinko's store 1337, Falls Church, VA, 3:30 PM, 2 nov 2010 1. This "Store" has FOUR b/w photocopiers. THREE of them are out of service today. 2. The FOURTH one went out of service while I was waiting. It had three customers crowded around it, opening and closing doors, slamming the top down hard. A FDX/Kinko employee standing at one of the inop machines did not look up, or notice the problem with the machine 4 feet away from him, despite the noise and discussion. He was totally clueless. He was so un-responsive, I concluded that he did not work for FedEx. After... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Cutting's Picture   Cutting    0 Comments   Comments

    I've come to the conclusion that 1. FexEx Kinkos is the biggest scam on the market and 2. This place is the biggest joke on the planet. 80 cents for a one copy $1 for a Fax? hahaha are they for real? Just buy a copy/fax/print at Wal-Mart for $150 bucks. It will save you money and you can charge your friends half of what Kinkos charges for printing and fax services and pay off your debt!!! More...
    dontwantto's Picture   dontwantto    1 Comments   Comments
  • Kinko's rip-offs

    Do not use FedEx Kinko's Office & Print Center at 3808 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy Lafayette, LA 70503. I had 3 documents printed that were $61.13 per document out the door less than a month ago. I went there today to have 10 additional copies made and I was told it would be $1200. Yes it is not a typo 1,200 dollars for 10 copies when the first 3 cost 183.39. I could understand if their prices went up, but they have not! It is simply how they ring up the receipt! More...
    Kinkossucks's Picture   Kinkossucks    1 Comments   Comments


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